Molly Mere's Favorite Things 2019

1.  Concealer

Not expensive and works unbelievably well.  The older I get the more of this I need so I really don't want to be spending a million dollars on something that I blow through.

2.  Bronzer

I have been using this for YEARS.  Like 10-12 years.  I have tried many others including some more expensive and none of the same quality.  This doesn't streak, it goes on light and can be built, it is the right color for both winter and summer and works for all different skin tones.

3.  Face Care... peel pads, oil, cream, wipes, cleanser

I do not get facials, although I should, and I have really been avoiding the blackhole that is expensive skincare.  But I did more become interested in skincare this year because I am aging rather rapidly now and felt like my skin was just dull and yucky.  The prices of products blew my mind.  Enter this skincare line though and everything changed.  It is a little bit of a splurge but nowhere near the cost of the skincare products that a lot of my friends use.  And it is wonderful!  The peel pads are just amazing and leave my skin feeling like new.  I linked directly to those because if you get anything on the list get those.  I love putting on the hydrating oil right after that and hopping in bed.  My face is so soft and fresh first thing in the the point that I feel like I can throw on clothes and walk out the door and not feel nasty.  I like to keep the face wipes in my nightstand for when I just don't want to get up and wash my face and then follow those with a peel pad and hydrating oil and it is simple and easy.

4.  Lip Kit

LOOKS GOOD ON EVERYONE.  Literally everyone and every occasion.  Enough said.  

5.  Mascara

Did someone pluck my eyelashes out when I turned 35?  Where did they go?  This product is the answer.  It can be layered for a darker look or just one swipe for an "I'm not wearing makeup but I totally am wearing make up look".  Whoever said women are crazy is a fool.

6.  Body Lotion

This is an oldie but goodie.  I've been using this for years and years and am asked at least once a week what scent it is.  It has the cleanest, creamiest, non-perfume smell and is SO soothing to my always irritated and dry skin!  The bottle is huge and lasts forever because I use it on my arms, chest and neck and then use my regular lotion everywhere else.

7.  Tan Towels

I have tried four million tanning products.  I cannot stand how they smell or if I have to wear them for more than three hours without washing.  I loathe that I can't wear my regular clothes too.  These have zero scent, it didn't transfer onto my clothes and gave a really natural tan.  Honestly the best I have found!  

1.  Boots

These work at the farm, in the mountains and also around town.  They're comfortable, they aren't heavy, they're well made and simple and I adore them.

2.  Sweatshirt

I own this in 4 colors.  It is basically all I wear all winter long. I have used it as a base layering on a crazy cold ski day, I wear it with shorts when it is just chilly.  It is incredibly well made, doesn't pill up, great lines, perfect length and the pleat on the back makes it cuter than just your regular sweatshirt.  Cannot recommend this enough!

3.  Leggings

Another oldie but goodie.  They hold all of the mom bits in and have GREAT support with a nice high waist.  The fabric is nice enough to wear as a normal outfit or for exercise.  So soft and comfy!

4.  Skinny Jeans

I included these in our Momiform Jean Guide because they are SO soft and comfortable but still supportive.  They look amazing with both our Birdie Tanks and our Mae Tops in the shop!  The high waist is helpful with pockets lower so that they don't look soooo high waisted.  Can be worn with heals, tennies or boots and they're just all around a fantastic pair of jeans that comes in a plethora of really great colors.

5.  Boyfriend jeans

Man have I had a hard time finding boyfriend jeans that fit me and that look awesome with our Mere Look Tops.  I really didn't think it would be that big of a challenge but these are fantastic and also have a high waist!  Lots of fabulous colors, comfortable, flattering...the whole nine yards.  They were also including in our Momiform Jean Guide and it seems a lot of you agree that they're amazing!

1.  Root Boost

Whoever stole my eyelashes when I turned 35 also took my hair and any volume that it had.  This works if I'm air-drying or blow drying and has a little bit of conditioning in it that helps when styling so that my hair doesn't look like the dried up straw that it actually is.  It smells fantastic!

2.  Volumizer

Follow that up when your hair is dry with this volumizing spray.  It doesn't take much and this actually keeps my hair from getting oily!  Totally don't need dry shampoo if you've used this!

1.  Mulled Cider Candle

Ho ho ho, holly jolly and all of the holiday love.  This candle smells DIVINE.

2.  Room Spray

I like clean, subtle scents and this is a very, very light citrus scent with maybe the tiniest touch of honeysuckle and ginger.  It just smells unbelievably fresh and was given to me asa gift this year.  I fell so in love and I like to spray it on my bed right before I get in it.  It has some qualities that make it relaxing!

3.  Diffuser

Like I said, I like clean and subtle.  I don't want people to walk in my house and feel like I ran around with a bottle of febreze trying to hide everything.  I would prefer that they just think my house smells clean and good which is rather difficult to achieve with 3 boys, one man and two dogs roaming around.  This is the most amazing scent and I keep at least 2 or 3 on hand to give as host or house warming gifts.


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