Olive is having a moment.  It may just be a moment in my head but nonetheless it is having a moment!

When we introduced OLIVE DOT BIRDIE DRESS (that is currently on sale for $48 so hurry) and showed how we will be wearing it with sweaters and jackets this fall you all lost your marbles.  Only 3 or 4 are remaining in each size and I can tell you that you will be seeing LOTS of that dress all the way through Christmas.  I for sure will be wearing it to many holiday events and on Christmas day because and the perfect layering piece!  
OLIVE.  It is most certainly at the top of our favorite color list so I did a little roundup of our favorite Olive items that we've been ordering this fall. As I have mentioned before...Carrie and I have different body types, different hair, different style both in fashion and interior if a product fits both of our houses or wardrobes and both of our bodies we know it is a GOOD find.  



(just click the description and you will be taken directly to the product via our link)



1.  Cleo Bootie $ 

Love that rust colored sole and the details on the ankle!  That bootie has some personality to her!  

2.  Lace Up Ankle Boot $

So Ralph-ish and that brings me such joy.  I love the price point because this is a statement piece and those should NOT be expensive.

3.  Ruffled Sneaker $

I have a pair of these in a shiny gold.  Crazy comfortable and frequently complimented!

4.  Back Tie Ankle Bootie $$

Well that tie in the back is just cute as can be and you KNOW it.  I also love that it is a flat because healed boots get exhausting.

5. and 6.  Olive Healed Bootie 1  Olive Healed Bootie 2

You all have seen these in many of our pics and each time we post them we get lots of inquiries.  I had previously purchased them at Nordstrom and then they sold out.  So I went on a rather long hunt for them and not only found them but also a back up option that is just as great.  The wide opening is really flattering on ANY leg.  Period.  I love them so much that I kind of want to order another pair just in case something happens to the pair that I have.  



1.  Olive Branch Wreath $ 

This bad boy is 20" and I love a simple wreath.  No muss, no fuss, no bows and no monograms even though that's cute.  Simple statements bring me joy.

2.  Faux Olive Tree $$ 

You need an olive tree because the fiddle leaf fig has had her moment and she needs a break.  This olive tree is 5 feet tall and has the most realistic looking trunk or bark or whatever that I've seen in a faux tree!  

Toss this in with or instead of those velvet pillows mentioned BELOW, put on your comfiest clothes, grab a book, (who I am I kidding...grab your phone and start shopping or social media surfing), and get cozy.  I think this throw will also make an incredible Christmas gift and it is so cheap!
These 20" throw pillows (set of 2) are exactly what you want to switch out your decor and bring in fall and the holidays.  No mustard.  GO GREEN and it will carry you from Thanksgiving on into the holidays.
A super cute spin on an otherwise very basic sweater and I just really like stuff like this adds a good pop to a simple outfit.
Say hi to olive green - a majorly overlooked neutral that is cute in summer, fall, winter and spring.  These jeans are lightweight and can be styled 400 different ways.  Must have for a good capsule wardrobe item.
So cute and a high rise.  HALLELOO.  Love the thought of these with a cozy Ivory sweater!
So my love for this comes from the fact that it will break me out of my rut that is wearing either navy, black, gray or white on top.  Enter green...imagine that!

This was all over social media last year and I totally LOVED it.  At least the black one.  Orolay has stepped forward with tons of different colors and my heart is singing over the Olive.  I saw a mom wearing it at a baseball game yesterday and kind of wanted to tackle her and run away with her coat.  But I didn't...I like staying out of jail. 
This parka is SO similar to the Stupid Amazon Coat but it is half the price, well made, I personally like the weight, look and color better and you won't look like everyone else in carpool line.  WUT A WIN!
It has an incredibly flattering fit (even though I have a belly) and goes with everything.  I really don't know what else to say about her!  She's adorable, warm but not too heavy, a solid fit and such  great everyday jacket!

Well, she's inexpensive and cute as a button.  Lightweight and those ties will definitely create a flattering fit!



1.  Floppy Felt Hat $

SO CUTE.  Don't tell me that you can't wear hats....that's like saying that you can't wear a bathing can and you will and you will be glad you did.  

2.  The Blanket Scarf $

The colors in this scarf are pure prettiness and they go with ANY look.  I also love that it has some holiday flare but not too can be worn all through the season and is soft as butter.  If there were sheets made of it I would be all in until I had night sweats and then #no.







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